Clean Android and Discover Dangerous Applications with Clean Master

As with any storage device, the Android smartphone or tablet also tends to fill up with files and applications over time. How can I clean up my Android and be promptly informed about dangerous applications that I have already installed or that I am about to load?

Clean Master is a very useful free app that allows you to clean Android allowing you to delete residual files, clear the contents of the cache and optimize memory.

In the latest versions of Clean Master, the application scans the Android apps installed and those in the process of being installed, indicating those that may represent a danger.

Not only that. For some time now Clean Master has been integrating the “Safe Browsing” feature that allows you to protect yourself from visiting websites that contain malware or that carry out phishing attacks.

In addition to being a good utility to clean up and speed up Android, Clean Master has embraced several features of a security software.

In the main screen, Clean Master indicates the space occupied and the space available on the SD card (it also includes the capacity of the mass storage that is not an SD) and on the internal memory.

Similarly, the amount of RAM currently occupied is displayed.

By “stopping” on the App manager, you can uninstall applications (Uninstall card) and move them (Move card) to the SD card, as you can do with the tool integrated in Android.

As an addition to the built-in Android functionality, Clean Master offers the possibility to create a backup copy of the various apps that will become immediately recoverable when needed (Backup tab).

In addition to the ability to manage installed apps from a single interface, Clean Master allows you to clean up your Android device’s RAM by simply clicking on Memory Optimization (main screen of the application).

Very valid is the Clean Master feature that allows you to clean up Android by removing superfluous files: it can be called up by selecting the item Useless files.

The application scans the system content for residual files, orphaned APK packages and cached program entries. Most Android apps, in fact, use caching mechanisms that, through the storage of a variable amount of information in the internal memory of the device or on the SD card, allow you to speed up the loading or execution of certain operations.

The Advanced mode (in Clean Master, by default, the Standard mode is enabled) must not be used or must be used with caution carefully checking the elements that the application is about to remove.

In addition to what was previously highlighted, in fact, in the advanced mode Clean Master identifies and deletes large files (there may be important objects), temporary files and other elements that may still be needed.

The most important innovation introduced with the release of the latest versions of Clean Master are some protection modules that allow to avoid the installation of dangerous apps on Android and to protect the device while browsing the web.

Both features are accessible by touching Security & Privacy on the main screen.

After an initial scan, Clean Master will notify you of any dangerous Android applications and confirm the activation of “real-time protection” and “safe browsing”.

The first feature allows Clean Master to examine every Android application that is installed (already too large or particularly suspicious permissions allow you to raise the antennas to the automatic control module) while the second allows you to avoid visiting potentially malicious websites, that count malware or that initiate phishing attacks.

However, it should be noted that the SMS fraud Vulnerability message is not a real problem report.

Clean Master automatically displays it on all Android devices where the Clean Master Security software, developed by the same manufacturer, is not installed.

You can easily get rid of the signal “plugging” on it, by selecting the element at the top right (representing three dots in the column) and, therefore, the item Ignore:

Clean up Android and discover dangerous apps with Clean Master

If no dangerous elements are detected on the system, Clean Master will display the following screen:

Please note that after clicking the Ignore command, you will need to restart the scan.

By selecting the item in the upper right corner (three dots) again, you can request that the content of the SD card be scanned for potentially harmful objects.

A little known peculiarity of Clean Master is the ability to encrypt the content of the Android device in order to make unreadable all the information saved in it in case the device should fall into the hands of malicious people.

Clean Master allows you to encrypt accounts, settings, downloaded applications and related data, media files and other types of files. Once you have encrypted the content of your Android device, every time you use it you will be automatically asked to enter your chosen password.

If, using one of the two browsers, you visit a potentially harmful website, Clean Master will display an alert message similar to the following:

During our tests Clean Master has behaved well with those websites already known for the distribution of malware or for carrying out malicious activities. It has not reported sites that have recently been attacked or that, for example, contain IFRAME tags inserted by attackers.

As a test, we used some URLs taken from the Malwaredomainlist website and the latest analysis carried out on URLQuery (Check if a site is infected with urlQuery).

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